Iron Zapper
Chemical Free
No Sulfur Odors
No Iron Stains

Iron Zapper Systems work when others fail!

Iron Zapper® systems from Safeway Water® come with our highly effective Iron Zapper media, NSF certified pressure vessel, Safeway Water control valve, programed for air induction to accelerate the oxidation process and the best warranty in the business!

Iron Zapper® systems
effectively treat
the "troublesome trio"

How Iron Zapper Systems Work

The Safeway Water electronic control valve is programmed to introduce air to the filter's tank for increased oxidation. Next, the Iron Zapper filter media acts as a catalyst to promote the oxidation process so Iron, Hydrogen Sulfide and Manganese become more filterable. Finally, the oxidized particles are removed from the filter during the backwash cycle.

The Iron Zapper filter media acts a catalyst to provide greater oxidation because our media has more active ingredient.

  • No chlorine (for oxidation)
  • No Potassium Permanganate
  • No chemical pump*

*Provided Chlorine or Hydrogen Peroxide are not required for disinfection or needed to enhance performance at higher concentrations.

Is the Iron Zapper
System Right For You?

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